Introducing YP.COM – The new YELLOWPAGES.COM

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Local information you need... every day.

YP.COM, the new YELLOWPAGES.COM, is all about local. Because local is where we play. Local is where we shop. And local is where we live. YP.COM delivers...

  • New advanced local search technology that provides you with local, targeted results quickly and easily
  • Clean, fresh site design to help you find what you need – without the clutter
  • Informative ratings and reviews
  • Share Tools that enable you to share your local experiences with friends – and even forward information to your mobile device
  • More tools, features and information for your local lifestyle:
    • Check out exciting local events and concerts – even purchase tickets
    • Find movie theaters, show times and purchase tickets
    • Discover a great restaurant and make a reservation
    • Find an exciting hotel – and book your room with ease
    • Shop for a new or used car... and more

Discover Local in new ways with YP.COM